2 Women, 2 Stories — An intriguing look into the transitions women go through as they move
into middle age with power, grace, dignity (and a little bit of “what the f**k?”)

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Vicki Dello Joio is "a wonder...eloquent...gifted...inspiring."— Merry Ross is "hilarious and touching...likeable...relatable."

Vicki Dello Joio
What's Wrong with a Mouse?

A dramatic story of transformative reconciliation. What’s Wrong with a Mouse chronicles Vicki’s journey as she works to heal a 20-year rift with her father, who had disowned her for being gay. As Vicki cares for her father during his final days, she travels back in time with humor and heart, using her expertise as a brilliant physical and character actor to tell stories of their relationship. 


Merry Ross
What's My Age Again?

In this comedic journey through the unknown terrain of peri-menopause, Merry introduces  her grandmother, mother, and daughters through hilarious and poignant stories. With consummate skill and expertise, Merry walks the line between stand-up comedy and self-revelatory performance to explore this new life stage as she struggles to come to terms with the aging process.


Santa Cruz  •  New York City  •  San Francisco
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